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We can help you to grow your business and iron out problems as you go.

Business Advice And Support

Every accountant tells prospective clients how they can help them grow their business and solve business problems as well as doing their compliance work. Instead of just saying this again here are some real recent examples of how we have done this:

  • Help obtain a personal mortage for a client by intervening with the client’s bank
  • Advise on growth, tax and outsourcing book keeping for a client whose turnover went up by 500% in a year
  • Negotiate with HMRC on a business who didn’t register for VAT when they should have
  • Voluntary disclosure for client with Buy to Let
  • Liaise with lawyer for client on unpaid contract work
  • Advise engineering company on growth strategy
  • Advised loss making group on restructuring

We have many close contacts in the Banks, Legal Firms, Financial Advisers etc who we regularly negociate with on behalf of clients. Most of our clients have been with us for many years and we are their most trusted adviser.

Give us a call if you have a particular business issue that you would like to discuss.

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