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Has your accountant offered to help you with autoenrollment? Many accountants are washing their hands of this new onerous responsibility and referring their clients to IFAs who are only too happy to charge for expensive consultations and set up a pension leaving the admin of the ongoing scheme as an unanswered question.

At Sutherland Black we have spent a couple of years researching the best auto enrolment solution for our clients and have come up with what we believe to be the simplest and most cost effective way forward for small employers. We have now been through the process of getting clients set up and running on auto enrollment many times.

Firstly we have established that helping a client choose a suitable pension company is not a regulated activity under the FCA. Therefore clients do not need to engage an IFA to assist with this task and we can advise what has worked well for our clients so far. We do not charge a fee for this advice.

Then in terms of the ongoing compliance we think by far the most straightforward way of doing the administration is to integrate the auto enrolment with the payroll. In this way there is no double entry of data and our payroll team handle all the admin.

So if you want a straightforward and cost effective solution give us a call. No setup fees. Headache removed!

All the details can be found at the government workplace pensions site here.

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